Harry Nathan Gottlieb

Board Member

Evanston, IL

Harry Nathan Gottlieb, Board Member, founded Jellyvision in 1989. The company had a different name then and the international headquarters was in his bedroom, in the corner, over by the closet. Around 1993, he programmed a little trivia game where the host read off all the questions and shot back smart-ass remarks specific to the wrong answer a player selected. That eventually became the hit game YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® which grossed over $100 million dollars and spawned a short-lived and embarrassing TV show on prime time. Soon, Harry got to thinking that this game interface, where the character in a computer program talks to you could be used for a lot of generic phentermine. So, he put the games company on the shelf and started the Jellyvision Lab in 2001, which took on everything from prototypes of talking cars* to helping consumers pick out computers and high school students pick out a college.

Then, in 2009, Harry led the team that invented a product called ALEX®, that has now helped more than 10 million employees select their medical insurance and other employee benefits in a way that is simple and engaging. In 2011, Harry asked Amanda Lannert, Jellyvision’s long-time business leader to take over as CEO. Harry retired from day to day action at Jellyvision in 2018, and now divides his time between being an active Jellyvision board member and playing Jackbox Games with his family and friends.**

* It was super cool, but had the unfortunate effect of making you want to drive crazy to see what the car would say.
** In 2008, Harry took the games company back off the shelf and renamed it Jackbox Games. After six years of trying lots of things that didn’t buy modafinil online, Jackbox finally hit it big with party games that use your mobile device as a controller. Fibbage, Drawful and Quiplash are three of the biggest hits out of the soon-to-be 20 games created by Jackbox.