Clarissa Marks

Director, Program Operations & Systems

Bringing to light

A gracefully woven fabric of enriching programs, information, and support to uplift courageous entrepreneurs in the Jewish world.

The basics

Clarissa is passionate about supporting daring creators and ideas in the Jewish world. She has participated in a number of Jewish ventures, and currently hosts a podcast called, “On Wandering” which explores Jewish heritage, culture, society & identity. Working in local government for many years allowed her to hone skills in process improvement, collaboration, and project management. Her superpower is breaking down complicated systems and information in an accessible way that tells a story. Clarissa holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington, and a BA in Sociology from Temple University.

How Clarissa finds meaning and comes together with others

Clarissa loves empathetic and active listening. If you sit next to her at a party, you might find yourself telling her your life story. She’s an avid music fan and enjoys discovering new artists through concerts, podcasts, and public radio. She is a big fan of travel, but adores hanging out at home with her husband and two silly cats.