Lindsay Bellows

Primary area of expertise: Product Market Fit
Coaching focus
: Strategic Planning, Scale / Growth, Mission/Vision/Values, Business planning and BMC development

As an UpStart Associate, Lindsay brings over a decade of experience serving as a senior strategist to leaders in private industry, government, and the social sector. Lindsay works with clients to help them understand the landscape in which they operate, clarify the impact they wish to have in the world, design effective and sustainable business models, and develop organizational capabilities that better prepare them for the future. She adores creating inclusive processes that engage a broad range of stakeholders, supporting more successful strategies. Lindsay has also worked as a senior project manager at the Monitor Institute, as an associate with strategy firms in London and New York City, and has consulted to a range of national and international nonprofits and foundations. Her academic background as a social scientist focused on program planning, design and impact assessment methods for governments and nonprofits. Lindsay holds a Masters in Public Administration from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors of Arts from Smith College.